The beginning of the team of Surgut builders` biography is the date of signing the Order of the Ministry of Gas Industry of USSR on the 12 of February 1966 under the number 159 on establishment of the trust «Surgutgazstroy» for construction of oil and gas industry in Surgut district of the Tyumen region on the basis of the Construction Department №9. 

At the beginning of its activity the team was consisted from several dozen of people. Initially, structure of the trust was four construction management and a housing office. Much later trust "Surgutgazstroy" became the basic organization for creation of new building collectives of "Glavtyumenneftegazstroy, such as:

  • "Glavzapzhilstroy"
  • Trust "Surgutneftepromstroy"
  • Trust "Surgutneftegazstroyindustry"
  • "NIPIinzhneftegazstroy" Institute
  • Trust "Spetsneftegazstroy"

1 Мая 1984 парад коллектив СУ-9
7 ноября 1978 Демонстрация Управляющий Щенников Г.М., главный инженер Гришков В.Н., секретарь ПК Поскин Б.В.
1981 открытие сезона студенческих строительных отрядов на объекте СУ-14
1986 Марчук О.Д. вручает управляющему трестом Малюгину В.П. переходящее Красное знамя ЦК КПСС Совета Министров СССР ВЦСПС и ЦК ВЛКСМ
Бригада каменщиков СУ-9, бригадир султанов Юрий Иванович, Орден Ленина,1986, орден Трудового Красного знамени,1977, орден Знак Почета,1974
бригада отделочников СУ-50, бригадир Михальская
Бригада отделочников СУ-50, бригадир Полищук
Бригада отделочников СУ-50, бригадир Полищук
Бригада сварщиков-монтажников СУ-42, бригадир Шеденко Н.Н.,1986
Бригада штукатуров-маляров СУ-50, бригадир Бондаренко
Конкурс профмастерства

Trust, created for development of oil fields was gradually reoriented towards the construction of urban infrastructure, which played an important role for the acquisition of modern look by Surgut.

With the growth of the city trust is gaining productive and designed capacities. Each year a team of the trust entered into operation more than 30 projects.

At the turn of 60-70-ies the trust began to lead active social construction: recreation centers and their adjacent areas, supermarkets, shopping centers, post office, administrative buildings, health facilities, housing facilities and social facilities (dormitories, homes, schools, baths and greenhouses).

All that today "feeds" the town was built by trust «Surgutgazstroy»: bakery, meat packing plant, brewery. Production facilities: house-building factory, factory of reinforced concrete structures, brick factory in Lokosovo village, condensate stabilization plant, gas compressor station for the power plant, woodworking plant. Inter alia: airport Surgut; cinemas "Aurora" and "Ruby", recreation centers "Builder", "Geologist ", "Oilman", building "Telekomset; hospital complex in Oilman community, maternity clinic, dentistry, clinic "Geologist", mental hospital, printing-office, Central Library, Surgut State Pedagogical Institute, University, Petroleum college, many schools and kindergartens in Surgut and Surgut area. 

At that time no one except the trust "Surgutgazstroy" did not dare to undertake the construction and commissioning of facilities such as municipal wastewater treatment plants and water intake, without which it is impossible to imagine a modern city. Much merit belongs to the staff and equipment of oil fields, pipelines and highways. 

Builders of «Surgutgazstroy» erected Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral and Mosque, which have already become samples of architecture and spiritual heritage. 

For all the achievements of labor trust "Surgutgazstroy" there are people who have arrived to equip the Siberian region. Many of them have blue governmental ribbons: "Honored Builder of the Russian Federation" - 5 people, "Veteran of Labour" - 205 people, with orders and medals awarded to 178 people.