God Transfiguration Church


God Transfiguration Church is the main temple of Surgut and one of the most beautiful temples of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District.

For construction of the temple it was given a picturesque place near a river. Next to the holy abode people planted cedars, specially brought from Altai. Construction of the temple was completed in 2002. At Sunday, December 29, 2002, a ceremony of transferring the new church of the Transfiguration Orthodox community was held.

Surgut Transfiguration Church was built in the shape of a cross, its area is 3800 square meters.

Мэр г. Сургута, А.Л. Сидоров и отец Петр Егоров разрезают памятную ленту
Вечернее освещение
Вид со стороны Оби

Clerics consider it an architectural masterpiece with no equal in the area of beauty and grandeur. At the church we installed the largest bell in the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug - it weighs 6 tons. The smallest bell weighs 8 pounds. Bells for Surgut shrines were cast in Moscow.

16 mosaic icons with faces of the Saints of Siberian land, made by experienced masters of the art studio Klyucherova Anatoly (Moscow) decorate walls of the church. Mosaic depicting the saints is made on the ancient technology with material brought from Malta. Mosaic is located above the main entrance to the belfry: these are icon of John the Baptist, the Virgin, Holy Face, Transformation.

Coverage of the first and foremost icon of the Transfiguration happened on Sept. 20, 2002.

Icons for the temple were made in the iconographic schools Tobolsk Theological Seminary with abidance all the rules of ancient iconography - in compliance with posts and with obligatory prayer, while working on an icon. In addition to the new icons in the temple, there are several antique restored. This is somewhat Mother of God, an icon of Elijah the Prophet, St. Nicholas and others.

23 September 2003 in Surgut, the ceremony of consecration of God Transfiguration Church was held. Temple consecrated archbishop Tobolsk and Tyumen Dimitri sanctification of waters. The celebration was attended by choir Tobolsk Theological Seminary and a municipal chorus of "Light for" of Surgut.

A new building of the Orthodox high school was opened near Transfiguration Church - a three-story building with an area more than 1,5 thousand square meters. Orthodox high school exists for 8 years. Over a hundred teenagers studied here. In addition to classes new building has assembly and sports halls, a spacious dining room.