About the company

Memo about creation of «Surgutgazstroy» trust

On the 12 of February 1966 in USSR in virtue of Ministry of Gas Industry Order on the basis of the Construction Department  №9 «Surgutgazstroy» trust was established. The main activity of the trust was construction of enterprises in oil and gas industry.

The period from 1995 to 1997, marked by active economic reforms in Russia, also touched upon the activities of «Surgutgazstroy» trust. There was an urgent need to adapt to new economic conditions to maintain stability of the organization and maintenance of the collective’s well-being. As a result, it was decided to establish several organizations with clearly differentiated functions on the basis of Surgutgazstroy JSC. 

Association with eight companies was formed:

 LLC SFK «Surgutgazstroy», year of establishment - 1997. Engaged in arranging funding of construction projects, technological and construction engineering, financial and budgetary oversight, management of investment objects. 

JSC «Surgutgazstroy», year of establishment - 1966. Acts as general contractor and performs all the necessary construction and installation works. 

LLC «Surgutgazstroyservis», year of establishment - 1998. Performs work on financial planning and sales of products.

LLC «Surgut industrial enterprise», year of establishment - 1999. Performs maintenance work on industrial areas and railway siding, the production of ready-mixed concrete, mortar, steel fabrication, millwork and moldings.

LLC «Designprojectstroy», year of establishment - 2003. Performs development of design projects with further support in production process. 

LLC «Managing Company «Rebirth», year of establishment - 2004. Performs functions of organization and control concerning operating the property of society. 

LLC «Managing Company «Surgutgazstroy», year of establishment - 2010. Acts on management of investment funds.

LLC «Regional Construction Company», year of establishment - 2010. Serves as the technical customer. 

LLC "SGS group", founded in 2011. Works as an operating company. 

The coordinator of all businesses is LLC SFK «Surgutgazstroy». During its existence, it established itself as a reliable partner, skilled organizer and active participant in the production of construction market in the region. 

Management apparatus of Construction Finance Company